Sims 3 : What I do !

During the Sims 3 video game , I basically Just make a family and control them . Others may let the families do whatever, or they might just have them different from other families in a weird way , The Sims 3 is basically designed as a way to see how and what the way you built your characters , how are they going to become . During the video game I make a family and then make them have kids , because i feel that more members equals more money and entertainment . Usually I start off with the cheat called motherlode , which gives your family 50,000 dollars , Am I supposed to stop here ? NO ! After making the family I tend to get bored so I start killing me sims , moving them , making them have a ton of kids and then I make a story of my own about them ………. SO THATS BASICALLY WHAT I DO WITH MY SIMS